We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and resources required for our business.
Some examples of the actions we have taken are shared on this page.

Single Use Plastics

We have eliminated single use plastics such as plastic bags, plastic straws and plastic cutlery for take away orders.
Take away containers are all recyclable and we do not use any foam containers.

Energy Suppliers

Where possible we will use green energy suppliers for our gas and electricity. We review suppliers ever year and look for the best solution.

Carbon Offsetting

In order to help minimise our overall effect from our carbon footprint, each restaurant subscribes to an carbon offset plan provided by In 2022, our restaurants have subscribed to offset 25 tons each of CO2 per year.

Ocean Clean Up

As many of our customers know, the North East and Thailand has many beautiful beaches. Being an issue close to our hearts, we are happy to pay a monthy subcription to to help clean up plastics in the ocean.

Who Gives a Crap?

There is a shocking amount of disposal plastics used for toilet roll. After finding, we had to comit to using their toilet rolls. Check out their website to see just how much impact they are having on something as simple as toilet rolls. You can order for your home too!.